Thursday, June 23, 2011

My personal experience with these Genuine PTC sites

How I earned a big amount from PTC sites

There are lots of earning methods from the internet but many of them are fraud, which takes your hard labor work and pay you nothing. I am here to help you out from my personal experience. There are many PTC sites available on the internet but to check which one is genuine or fraud is a difficult task to do. I was working on these PTC sites to check whether they really pay or just a wastage of time from the last few months. In this article I will discuss about the PTC sites which helped me to maintain my financial condition. There are many PTC sites which paid me in 2 months.

What is PTC ( Paid to click ) sites
PTC sites are designed in such a way that everyone take benefit of it. Every PTC site is having its Admin called administrator [As Tony sir and Jose sir in ISC]. After signup you will need to click on ads to increase your earnings. Earnings from PTC is a very slow process until you will not have referrals. Genuine PTC sites only give you $ 0.1 -0.002$ per click on ads. You will get 5-10 ads per day. The payout methods in PTC sites are Alertpay and Paypal. Minimum payout is $2 to $10 depending upon the type of PTC sites. You will get upto 0.01 per referral click. Single PTC site is not going to give you maximum cash. You have to register more than 5 PTC sites which are Genuine.

How to increase your earnings with PTC sites
1.Earning money with genuine  PTC sites is a slow process but to get something real you have to work hard and wait.

2. You can multiply your earnings by referrals

3. Various contests and sale always be there in a PTC ( Not all but mostly)

4. Signup more than 5 PTC sites.

5. Click on ads daily

6. Post your referral link to different places like social networking sites ex. orkut and facebook.

Personal experience with PTC sites
I heard about the PTC sites from the last few months but I refused to get enrolled myself because the cash per click was too less but after 1 month I saw a blog there was a person whose total cash earned from the 12 PTC sites in 1 month was $35 means approx Rs 1575/-. I was amazed to see a big amount from PTC sites which pay too small.

He said in his blog that main income comes from the referrals from social networking sites. Then without wasting a single minute I register myself in 9 PTC sites. I throw my referral links everywhere [ NOT in ISC you will be banned ] means all the forums and facebook and orkut. After a hard work my earnings starts increasing and now at present my total earnings in various PTC sites are more than 18 $ within a month.

The main question which is making you too excited is the name of those PTC sites which really pay. . These are all referral links you will become my referral.
I think you don't mind for that "Everyone should help each other".

List of all PTC sites for my success
 Paying PTC sites 

Keep visiting PTC sites.
Good luck for your earnings.For any type of problem or question free to ask in this article as a response below.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PTC sites which can make you rich

List Of  PTC Sites Which Make Me Rich

1     Incrase PTC site
2.   Getbux2day
3.    Infinity PTC site
4.   Wowcashforyou
5.   Buxeverbux
6.   Buxsecure
7.   Marihuana
8.   Papabux
9.   Imperialgetcash
10. Buxsee PTC

All are genuine PTC sites trust me, they paid me instantly.